Get all the perks, all the time!

Join the Unlimited Wash Club

Why Wash Club?

Don’t waste time at the gate, when you have the Sparkle Express Wash Club, you’ll go right through!
So why join the Wash Club? It’s simple, you’ll get the wash of your choice and an unlimited number of days throughout the month! The Wash Club Pass allows one wash per day!


If you have any questions, we will get them answered before your purchase! Call us today or visit our contact page to get answers!


How does the Fast-Pass work?

We will place a RFID pass on your windshield at any one of our locations, so that whenever you visit, the gate will raise up, and you can quickly wash your car.

How much do the vacuums cost?

The vacuums are free to use with any single wash or Wash Club Membership.

How do I update my Wash Club Membership if I get a new card?

You can update your Wash Club Membership on our website or by visiting any location.

Will I be able to use the Fast-Pass on all of my vehicles?

The Fast-Pass plan is only for one vehicle, but our Family Plans can help you discount multiple memberships.

Which locations can I redeem my Wash Club Membership at?

The Wash Club Membership will work at every one of our locations.

Do you offer a discount for multiple vehicles?

Yes, we have a Family Plan that saves you money on multiple vehicles with Wash Club Memberships!

How does the Family Plan discount work?

The first plan will be charged at full price, with a $5 discount on each additional plan. For example, the top package rate would be $44.99 for the first vehicle, then $39.99, $39.99, etc.

Additionally, all vehicles on a family plan will have their own Fast-Pass tag and must be on the same credit card for monthly billing.

How can I sign up for the Family Plan?

Simply visit any of our locations with the credit card you would like to charge for the plans. An attendant will be happy to help you!

How will the system know I have arrived and which Wash Club Membership I have?

The RFID pass will scan at all of our locations and then auto-redeem the car wash for you.

How can I upgrade my Wash Club Membership?

You can easily upgrade your membership on our website.

Can I purchase the Fast-Pass with cash?

You can only purchase the Wash Club Membership with a credit or debit card, due to the automatic recharge.

Will the Wash Club Membership automatically recharge?

Yes, our mission is to save you time and money, the Wash Club Membership will automatically update on the same date you purchased it in the following month.

How can I cancel my Wash Club Membership?

You will be missed, but you can cancel your Wash Club Membership on our website.